Delio Photo Studio is a leader in the South Florida photography industry.


We specialize in capturing the most important memories in our customers lives and offering exceptional customer service and the industry’s highest standards. With the most modern equipment and charming smiles, we bring the best services and products you can find on the market.

Delio’s love for photography began in his birthplace, Cuba, in the year 1972 where his father was a Journalist with a camera in hand. Not being able to pursue his passion on the island, he finally left Cuba for Spain in 1986 and studied photography where he graduated 1st in his class. By 1990, he had shot over 600 events ranging from Weddings to Corporate Events to Communions and Baptisms. Eventually, Delio left on his own and decided that Miami, Fl would be his new home. He opened several studios in Miami, until he founded the perfect one: Delio Photo Studio in the year 2002. As one of the top photographers in South Florida trusted by important Advertising and Public Relations Agencies, the Mayor and countless celebrities he enjoys his job more than anything. His Hobbys include Fishing, Sailing and Racquetball.

As the second Delio in the family, Delio Jr is his father’s right hand man. He serves as Lead Photographer, Second Shooter, Sales Manager and overall problem solver. With experience in retail, wholesale, hospitality, customer service and marketing he makes sure that you receive that high quality customer service you deserve. His Hobbys include Basketball, Video Games and Cooking.

Professional Photography for all ocassions.

Opening Hours: T-F: 10:00AM to 7:00PM / Sat: 11:00AM to 4:00PM / Mon & Sun: CLOSED (Only Special Events)

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